I’m Not Dead!!!

Yep. The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated… What? You mean you didn’t hear the rumors? Good. They weren’t very creative anyway.

I apologize for my seeming abandonment (again), but I promise it was not on purpose. What have I been doing? Well… I’ll explain that in the next post. I just wanted to pop up and let everybody know that I’m still alive, the blog will continue, and to expect… something… very soon.

Until then… Stay classy.

– Alex

The Father of Hip-Hop, DJ Kool Herc, is currently in the hospital. It’s not known for what, but DJ Premier recently let fans know that Herc will need surgery and doesn’t have health insurance. Premo and Kool Herc’s family are asking for donations to help get him through this tough time. As fans of Hip-Hop can we do any less?

This man helped spawn a music and lifestyle that has generated billions and fed thousands (if not millions) of families across the globe. What he started gave many of our lives purpose. He should not be struggling. Period.

Please help out. Even $5 could make a real difference. Hit the jump for details on where to donate.

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Anyone who’s been paying attention to The Beat Break knows that I’m a big fan of Focus. Well it seems he’s recently re-released one of his first mixtapes, The Avant Garde Project. Focus spreads his wings on this one, giving listeners some R&B and rock tracks in addition to his usual hip-hop fare. With features from Phonte (“Recession”) and Marsha Ambrosius (“Medusa”) as well a gang of top notch instrumentals, this is a project I can definitely recommend.

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I’m intrigued by this. I stumbled upon this program via an advertisement on another blog. I know to some of you this may seem laughable, but Hip Hop has earned a place in music history. The music and culture has impacted millions worldwide and is a multi-billion dollar industry that impacts not only music, but fashion, television, and many facets of our society.

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In what has got to be one of the greatest moments of Hip-Hop journalism ever, the folks at Vibe got Pete Rock to sit down and give a track by track explenation of his entire catalog. If you’re like me, you live for these moments. Finding out what goes on behind the music and what inspired an artist’s creations can help you appreciate it that much more. Hit the jump for the link.

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Budo’s 2010 Wrapup

After the great response the Budo interview has gotten, I felt it was only right to post up something straight from the horse’s mouth. Here is Budo’s 2010 Wrapup.

These videos are from the Scion Music(less) conference. In a panel discussion moderated by Chris Weingarten (Rolling Stone, the Village Voice), Bloggers and A&Rs discuss the roles that each play in the modern music industry. Are bloggers taking the place of A&Rs? Who listens to more music? Who influences who?

It’s pretty easy to guess that each side is going to glorify their own virtues and downplay the importance of the opposition, but it makes for a healthy discussion. There are 4 parts to the video. Hit the jump for the others.

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A-Trak Studio Tour

DJ A-Trak gives Scion and fans an inside look at this studio and talks about his creative process.

Diggy Simmons interviews Pharrell of the Neptunes for his Kidult Youth Leadership Conference. Kidult is a news and entertainment blogsite for teens created by Pharrell. It’s refreshing to see someone create something for teens that respects their intelligence and doesn’t condescend to them. The color scheme, however, has got to go!


Not only is Travis Barker an excellent musician, he’s a big hip-hop head. He’s done tracks with B.o.B, RZA, Bun B, Eminem, and many others. It’ll be interesting to see the mix of genres and styles he puts together when this finally drops.

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